Cabinet of books - wooden wall cabinet, paint, artist books, paper mechanics , 100cm x 80cm x 20cm

For my Degree Show that took place at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design on 2019, I wanted to create an environment where people could make up their own stories through exploring all images and objects around them. I wanted the space to resemble something familiar and inviting and for that reason I chose to display everything inside furniture that you would usually encounter as a part of a domestic environment.

Part of installation - coffee table, puzzle box, deck of cards, pillows
Card deck - screenprinting, charcoal pencil, 8cm x 6cm
Puzzle box - screenprint, wood, 40cm x 41cm
Monkey - Screen print 43cm x 60cm, 2019
Bear-ing Moons - Screen print 43cm x 60cm, 2019
Cat on Dog - Screen print 43cm x 60cm, 2019
Lady - Screen print 60cm x 43cm, 2019
Man & Sun - Watercolour on paper 20cm x 21cm
Sun - Etching, 23cm x 30cm, 2019
Man - Etching, 23cm x 30cm, 2019
Couple - Waterless Lithography 10cm x 15cm, 2019