group Show that run at Generatorprojects from 9th – 31st October

Featuring: Maria Tolia, Mhairi Brown, Melina Doumy, Madeleine Wood & Joanna Migut

curated by Jamie donald

Five early-career artists form a consonant cluster in this show of newly commissioned work. Touching on themes of anxiety and isolation, memory and dreams, monsters and magic, Mmmmm sets out to amplify the intimate murmurs of drawing-based practices.

Developed over a year coloured distinctly by confinement and self-preservation, many of the works in the show demonstrate the means of coping offered by the usually solitary act of drawing. Presented together, a companionship or resonance of thought emerges: ideas of interiority and exteriority; dreamlike narratives and expansions of subconscious worlds; ambiguous shifts between reality and imagination, and soft tumbles into the vastness of hibernation and slumber.

Expect inky, papery, and cross-disciplinary approaches.

photos by Ben douglas

The work I made for mmmmm comes from a journal I kept during lockdown, which passed by spending a lot of time with myself, a lot of time in the bath, a lot of time imagining things not real, and time working real things out. I hope the work connects all this together like it helped me connect with myself and my surroundings.